Oh hai! I'm TC.

I'm a developer. I write code to make web applications do magic.
I'm a security Engineer. I empower other developers, IT engineers and other stakeholders to make secure decisions about their IT projects.
I'm a furry. I pretend I'm an arctic foxtaur on the internet and obsess about chicken.
I'm a fan of terrible movies. I tend to subject friends of mine to watching flying pumas, flying factories, flying murderbirds and flying cavemen.

Recent Posts

Enforcing TLS 1.2 with Azure CDN


It’s been several years since TLS 1.0 was largely agreed to be deprecated in favour of TLS 1.2. Sadly, a number of products out there still accept TLS 1.0 connections and cannot be configured otherwise. Up until recently, I thought Azure CDN was one of them, but it turns out there’s a sneaky hidden trick buried deep in the Azure Management REST API that allows you to set your custom domain CDN endpoints to enforce TLS 1.2 as a minimum!

Building tc.nz - Part 1


After my first utterly failed attempt at trying to build a website for myself based off an HTML5 Up! template and some half-arsed hosting on a Windows Server box that promptly fell over, this domain spent well over a year helpfully displaying advertising for Internet Information Services instead of actually being useful. Which is a shame, seeing as it is such an epic domain name!

So, I finally got off my arse and set up this website. I wanted to do something a bit different, something that was low maintenance to both maintain and update with content. My recent fascination with Markdown led me to Jekyll, a Ruby-based static content generator used extensively by GitHub to support their GitHub Pages feature.

So, what better way to kick off this (hopefully more stable!) iteration of my new site than to share with you how I built it?